On April 4, A Scientific Festival "Science For All" Was Held In Moscow

On April 4, A Scientific Festival "Science For All" Was Held In Moscow
On April 4, A Scientific Festival "Science For All" Was Held In Moscow

Video: On April 4, A Scientific Festival "Science For All" Was Held In Moscow

Video: On April 4, A Scientific Festival "Science For All" Was Held In Moscow
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On April 4, at the Center for Design Creativity "StartPRO", a scientific festival "Science for All" was held for the "difficult" teenagers of the CJSC, North-Eastern Administrative District, Central Administrative District and the TyNAO of Moscow. The action was held with the informational support of the NPO Resource Center in ZAO and the organizational support of the StartPRO Center and the Administration of the Meshchansky District of Moscow. The social event was organized by the Union of Intellectual Development Specialists and the Einstein Arena Museum Association.

In the morning, noisy companies of schoolchildren from different districts of Moscow began to arrive at Protopopovskiy Lane 5. At the entrance of the Einstein Academy museum exposition, the "owner" and concurrently the most famous scientist on the planet, Albert Germanovich Einstein, was already waiting for them. His teachers also considered him a "difficult" child, but it was Einstein who expressed a bold theory that turned the idea of earthlings about time and space - the theory of relativity. And, according to Albert Germanovich, anyone who wants to look at the world differently can become a genius by diligently doing science. One has only to want!

This is how the Third Science for All Festival began interactively, cheerfully and mysteriously. This social project received the support of the Second Competition for the Grants of the President of the Russian Federation for the Development of Civil Society in 2018.

The goal of the Science for All project is to demonstrate to parents and teachers innovative methods of working with “difficult” children to reduce their number and improve the quality of communication between children and their parents, peers, as well as with teachers through the organization of their joint activities. The restoration of communication between adults and children is carried out informally, in the form of games, contests, master classes, quizzes within the framework of the four Science for All Festivals. They take place throughout the entire 2018/2019 academic year.

This time, children and adults had an interactive tour "Electric World", joint experiments with plasma, mutual lightning and electric shocks (of course, safe), as well as the "electrodisco" with its unique Tesla coils, which can simultaneously "sing" and throw lightning. At the end of the excursion, the participants had a quiz-quiz. All the answers could be found during the excursion or having knowledge in popular physics.

Oddly enough, it was the "difficult" children who learned the information best and answered questions faster. Therefore, at the end of the holiday, Albert Germanovich personally handed over diplomas of "Honorary Academicians of the Einstein Academy" and memorable prizes to most of them. But all children, without exception, were initiated into the “Academicians of the Einstein Academy”.

But that was not all. Here, in the assembly hall of the StartPRO TSPT, the children, in fact, made a journey into the future. Under the guidance of a professional psychologist, with the help of psychological tests and games, they found out what kind of activity is closest to them. For many, this holiday will be a step towards choosing their future profession, and the sooner this happens, the better for the whole society.

In total, about 600 children and about 100 teachers and parents took part in the Third Science for All Festival. By all accounts, the festival has become a convenient form for the formation of interest among children in the study of science, stimulation to good studies and one of the guidelines in choosing a future profession.

The next, final, Science for All Festival will take place in May 2019 at the StartPRO Center for Technology and Trade.