In Nha Trang With Children: What To Do, What To Consider

In Nha Trang With Children: What To Do, What To Consider
In Nha Trang With Children: What To Do, What To Consider

Video: In Nha Trang With Children: What To Do, What To Consider

Video: In Nha Trang With Children: What To Do, What To Consider
Video: Vietnam with Kids: 5 Tips For Visiting Vinpearl Land Nha Trang 2023, September

Vietnam appeared on the tourist map for a long time. But it still remains mysterious and exotic. And this makes parents wonder: is it worth going to Nha Trang with children?


News agencies (we repent, sometimes ours) are full of reports of food poisoning, parasites and tropical diseases. But these are all isolated cases. Basically, Vietnam remains one of the safest countries in Asia. And Nha Trang is one of its most family friendly resorts.

In Nha Trang with Children: Highlights

“At work, I often come across tourists who have come to rest in Nha Trang with children. From conversations with them, I know that the city has all the conditions for young tourists,”says local resident Bonya. “It's just that those who are going on vacation in Nha Trang with children, I would like to give the most basic advice”:

1. Choose your hotel carefully. If with schoolchildren this is no longer so important, then with preschoolers and, especially, infants, this issue is already more acute.

“Among my clients with small children there are many who have chosen a seal vacation in an all-inclusive five-star resort. - Says Bonya. “They are often far away - on Winperle or Cam Ranh in general. But tourists are not bored there - there are all the amenities, there are animators, entertainment programs. And also baby food and children's rooms”;

2. Don't forget about anti-tanning creams and hats. The sun beats here mercilessly even in cloudy weather. Young children with their delicate skin should be given the utmost attention.

3. Take care of your leisure time. There are many things to do with a child in Nha Trang, we will talk about this below. But the flight to Cam Ranh, the trip to Nha Trang and, if you dare, the excursions to Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City last long enough. Make sure your child has something to do. Although, the baby is unlikely to go anywhere without a favorite coloring book or a favorite tablet.


A must-see place even if you are not traveling to Nha Trang with children. And if the offspring went on a journey with you, then this is a reason to buy a two-day excursion to Vinperl. Or even stay in one of the hotels on the island.

We will not write a sheet about all possible types of children's leisure in this place. Read more in our article on the island of entertainment. But for you to understand the situation approximately, let's just say that one of the best zoos in Vietnam, a gorgeous water park next to a white beach and many attractions are waiting for you there.

The current entry price can be found on the official website of the park. And to buy tickets - in street travel agencies. There they are often sold at discounts. You can get to the ticket offices by taxi or the fourth bus. Be sure to tell the conductor where you need to, so as not to go in another direction.


“Excursions are quite tiresome for children. And not always interesting. Therefore, those who came to rest in Nha Trang with children are most often advised to the Northern Islands and Yang Bay. It won't take long to get to these places. And the kids will have something to do on them”.

The Northern Islands is the second best-selling excursion in the city after the one-day Dalat. The program includes a visit to two islands. On the first, Orchid Island, you will find a colorful flower garden, a corral with deer that you can feed from your hands, and a garden of butterflies that will fly right over your head. And on the second - Monkey Island - as you might guess, you will meet with monkeys, which you can also feed. This closeness to wildlife will delight children.

You can also interact with animals in the Yang Bay Eco-Park. Of particular interest in children is feeding fish from a pipette - aquatic inhabitants rarely allow people such close contact with themselves. In addition, here you can feed crocodiles, ride ostriches and watch pig races (you can even put on a pig, but this is for adults).

Shopping centers

Lately, many shopping centers have been built in the city. And this is good news for those who travel to Nha Trang with children. Firstly, there are more places where you can buy baby food and things. It used to be more difficult for expat mommies.

Secondly, in most shopping centers there are children's zones with playgrounds for toddlers and game machines for older children. Great idea if you are going to spend the whole day shopping.


Timeless classics among those who want to make their style more striking and noticeable. And especially among those who come to rest in Nha Trang with children (mostly girls). After all, who else, if not them, most of all like bright experiments on their appearance?

And in the center of Nha Trang there are many places where they can be held with varying degrees of success.

“Afro-braids in Nha Trang are woven by almost the entire city. And it does it cheaply. But the quality suffers. The weaving process is quite long. And it is very offensive when, due to the unprofessionalism of the master, the braids quickly unravel,”says Bonya.

“We have our own offices in the hotels of Nha Trang, and a team that approaches its work with all responsibility. Find us through social networks. That is, largely thanks to word of mouth. I think this best shows that our small (and sometimes not small) clients are happy with the result.”

Bonya explained that her offices can be found in the Cam Ranh Rivier and Swandor hotels. There are also three offices in Mui Ne. You can find out where they are on Boni's VKontakte page. There you can also arrange for braiding with a visit to your hotel.

Mud baths

Another place where you can have fun for those who travel to Nha Trang with children. Especially during the rainy season, when beach vacations become a lottery.

Little travelers are unlikely to care about the benefits of mud and mineral water for the body. But they will definitely have fun in the mud baths. And they will definitely love the hot and warm pools.

There are three mud baths in Nha Trang. If finances permit, you can visit everyone. If not, we recommend IResort and 100 Eggs. They offer more interesting views for your Instagram (let's not forget about parents too).

All three can be reached by a free bus that passes by the offices of the Russian Information Center.

These are the main activities for those who came to rest in Nha Trang with children. But they are far from the only ones - the city is constantly being built and developed. By the time you are going to Vietnam, the list may already be replenished with a couple of new options.

In addition, the city has many restaurants with a children's menu (for example, LVill and Cosmos). And the city beach has a rather gentle entrance to the water (especially at the northern one). Therefore, we hope you have no doubts that going to Nha Trang with children is not a risky adventure, but quite a good idea. Little tourists will remember this trip for a long time.

Author: Nikita Grebennikov.