Children 2023, January

Overweight Was Found In Every Fifth Schoolchild In Russia

Every fifth boy and every sixth girl in a Russian school is overweight

I'll Try At Home: A Children's "suicide Relay" From A Popular App Frightened Moscow Teachers

The media are actively broadcasting warnings about dangerous children's play in the popular app

The Woman Told About Pregnancy From The Wind And Childbirth An Hour After Conception

Reported by the Coconut edition

Familiar Friends For Many Years Turned Out To Be Sisters Separated In Childhood

Reported by the publication People

Residents Of The Yaroslavl And Smolensk Regions Can Become Mentors For Orphans

The "Our Children" Foundation is recruiting and training volunteer mentors for boarding school children

How A Russian Woman At 23 Became A Mother Of 11 Children

Russian woman Christina Ozturk is 23 years old. She lives with her husband in Batumi and has 11 children

How The Scandal With The Replacement Of The Bodies Of Babies In Stavropol Ended

On Wednesday, February 10, a shocking video from one of the cemeteries in Dagestan flew around Russian social networks

It's Not Your Fault: 10 Phrases That Will Help A Child Survive A Divorce

We tell you how to carefully approach the topic from which the heart shrinks

Parents Named Ways For Children To Cheat In Online Classes

Parents of schoolchildren share unusual ways of how their children cheat in online classes

Forbidden Fruit: Foods That A Nursing Mom Cannot Afford

Even if you really want to, you should wait

Russians Are Outraged By A Woman Who Threw A Baby Into A Snowdrift

Netizens were outraged by a video in which a woman throws a small child into a snowdrift

The Girl Did A DNA Test And Found The Biological Father Of A Billionaire

The parents explained to her that he was an old friend of their family

Mother Left Children At Home And Fled To Dubai, Tired Of Their Distance Learning

West Sussex entered isolation level 4 after Christmas due to coronavirus

The Child's Face Is Covered With Hair And Swollen Due To The Cream

The child was shown to doctors after two months of using the cream

As You Gave Birth, So Provide: Russians Were Outraged By The Words Of The Official About Children

The Russians were outraged by the statement of the official Svetlana Peskisheva about gifts to children from poor families

Pretty Mom And Her Twin Daughters Are Called The Most Photogenic Family In The World

The gorgeous family regularly takes part in advertising and image shoots

Why Is The Law On Changing The Conditions Of Abortion In Russia Dangerous?

They want to ban women from refusing to carry children with severe developmental anomalies

How To Keep Your Child Busy On Vacation In Winter: Expert Advice

Winter break in 2021 is deprived of the usual fun this year due to coronavirus

The Girl Found Out The Secret Hidden By Her Parents And Refused To Forgive Them

The girl was very upset by their deception, and she said that now she could not forgive her mother and father

The Unique Stage Laboratory Kids Estate Begins Its Work

We will go to the stage with you, holding your hand! This is your challenge to yourself

Protests In Poland: Why Women Take To The Streets Of The Country

Numerous protests began in the country after the entry into force of the law banning abortion

Russian Mothers Talked About Worries In 2020

It turned out that most mothers experience gigantic fatigue

It Turned Out How Much A Child Can Watch TV

Cartoons on TV are one of the most popular ways to keep your child busy

Kuznetsova Urged To Engage Children With Creative Goals

MOSCOW, Dec 10 - RIA Novosti. It is necessary not to prohibit concerts of youth groups, but to create conditions for the enthusiasm of children with creative goals, to make additional education available, she said

Pregnant At 13 Told When She Will Give Birth To A Second

In the column "father" after the birth of the child there will be a dash

Igor Vernik Presented The Book "Abandoned Texts"

MOSCOW, March 3. / TASS /. People's Artist of Russia, actor, TV presenter Igor Vernik presented his first book "Abandoned Texts" with poems, essays, diary entries about creative and personal

Star "Kept Women" Child About Panic Attacks And Motherhood: "I Want To Rock Everything"

40-year-old actress Alexandra Child gave a frank interview in the new issue of the TV program "2 Wernick 2." Alexandra Child @sasharebenok / Instagram Alexandra Child @sasharebenok

Congratulations From Me And From Pavel: Marina Zudina Named Her Son's Favorite Actress

Actress Marina Zudina on the air of the program "You Won't Believe It!" on the NTV channel, she named her favorite actress, her 25-year-old son, Pavel Tabakov. She turned out to be a colleague Olga Sutulova, who recently gave birth

Putin Called "bugs" People Pushing Children To Suicide

“It’s one thing when he’s on the Internet and such a cool Rambo, pushes some girl or boy from the roof to jump, builds a whole concept, leading to this,” the president said. And another thing

The Authorities Of Yakutia Adopted A Resolution On The Procedure For Supporting The "children Of The War"

YAKUTSK, January 30 - RIA Novosti. The authorities of Yakutia adopted a resolution on the procedure for social support for the children of the War, the press service of the Minister of Labor and Social Development of the Republic reports

Prime Minister Of Ukraine Questioned The Advisability Of Continuing Work On A Vaccine In The Country

KIEV, March 4. / TASS /. The continuation of the development of its own vaccine against coronavirus in Ukraine will take too long, while a competitive market for such drugs has already been created in the world. About it

Burnt-out Walls And Stuffy Suits: How A Maternity Hospital In Crimea Survived COVID

SIMFEROPOL, 4 Mar - RIA Novosti Crimea, Julia Lepikhova. On March 1, "Simferopol Clinical Maternity Hospital No. 2" went into normal operation. Deputy Chief Physician for Medical Affairs Nikolay

A Child Who Fell From An Escalator In A Shopping Center In The South Of Moscow Is In A Hospital In Serious Condition

A four-year-old child who fell from an escalator in a shopping center in the south of Moscow is in a hospital in serious condition, but his life is not in danger. About this to the Urban News Agency

And Even Lizards: Oksana Fedorova Showed Her Children's Pets

Liza and Fedor are happy to take care of them. The winner of beauty contests, benefactor, fashion model Oksana Fedorova, together with her husband Andrei Borodin, are raising a son and daughter. Star mom

But What About The Children?: Baskov Publicly Shamed Lazarev, Who Escaped From The Children

On Sunday, February 28, a new season of the project "Come on, all together!" Will be released on TV screens. Nikolay Baskov became the host of the show, and his colleague Sergey Lazarev headed a huge team of jury members

Children Applied Acne Cream And Were Dropped From School For Insulting Blacks

Parents are suing a church school for falsely accusing their children of racism over a photograph of them with painted faces. This is reported by the Daily Mail

Residents Of The Yaroslavl And Smolensk Regions Will Be Able To Become Mentors For Orphans

The Charitable Foundation "Our Children" is recruiting and training individual volunteer mentors for children from boarding schools in the Yaroslavl and Smolensk regions

My Beloved: Alana Mamaeva Shared A Frame Of Her Mother

The model and wife of the football player "Rostov" Pavel Mamaev Alana on Instagram congratulated her mother on her birthday. She posted a shot of her parent, who in the photo looks the same age as her daughter

I Was Not Ready: Dmitry Shepelev Spoke About The Difficult Questions That His Son Plato Asks Him

The famous showman Dmitry Shepelev, after the death of his beloved Zhanna Friske, alone brings them up in common with the singer, the son of Plato. True, not so long ago the boy had a stepmother in the form of a new

How A Rich Legacy Can Ruin A Child's Life

Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Elton John - they all left no inheritance to their children. Why does such a tendency exist in the West, but in Russia it is practically not widespread