Family Life 2023, January

I Will Tear For My Children: Angry Rapunzel From "House-2" Turned To Haters

Olga Rapunzel, a former participant of the Dom-2 TV show, made an appeal through her Instagram: “In connection with the latest events, what is happening to our family, I just don’t

Who Do You Want To Scare?: Rapunzel From "House-2" Attacked Her Haters

Olga Rapunzel, a former participant of the Dom-2 TV show, turned to her haters. “We are no longer in the show, we live our own life, I have small children, you violate my personal space, this is

Children's Ombudsman Commented On The Murder Of A Two-year-old Girl In The Orenburg Region

Orenburg Oblast Children's Ombudsman Anzhelika Linkova commented on the murder of a two-year-old girl in Orsk. The murder of a two-year-old girl in Orsk

Seized Children Returned To Russian Family After Media Coverage And Social Media Outrage

In the Orenburg region, four kids were reunited with their parents. Some time ago, in one of the villages of the Dombarovsky district of the Orenburg region, a situation occurred that angered the Russians

The Media Learned About The Fate Of The Family From The Orenburg Region After The Scandalous Return Of The Children

The authorities have no new claims against the family from the Orenburg region, from which four children were forcibly seized in May

Children's Ombudsman Of Orenburg Region Will Help The Family Return Forcibly Withdrawn Children

UFA, June 3 - RIA Novosti. Orenburg Children's Ombudsman Anzhelika Linkova will provide legal assistance in the return of four children forcibly removed from a large family

Elderberry In The Garden, In Kiev - Uncle, Or How Guardianship Authorities Protect Children

“Why do you say that if there is diaper rash, then we will now take the whole country? Because in ordinary children, diaper rash is a single passing thing. "

Mother Of Many Children From Dombarovskiy District Fined For Disobeying Police

The Dombarovskiy District Court considered the case of an administrative offense committed by a mother of many children in the Tyulpanny settlement of the Dombarovskiy District. The woman was fined

In Orenburg, Children Were Taken Away From Parents Due To The Threat Of A Collapse Of The Roof Of A House

The prosecutor's office began an investigation into the circumstances of the removal of children from the family with the use of force

What Happened In The Orphanage? Who Is To Blame For The Conflict In The Gai Boarding School?

After information about the beating of children in the Gai orphanage for mentally retarded children, the regional government fired the director, who did not inform them of this fact, and removed him from

Kindergarten Fees Increased For Orenburg Residents

The government of the Orenburg region issued a decree to change the size of the parental fee for kindergarten. They touched upon the cities and districts of the region. Governor Denis Pasler introduced

One Of The Administration Buildings Is Being Converted Into A Children's Clinic In Orenburg

ORENBURG, February 4. / TASS /. One of the buildings in Orenburg, where the divisions of the city administration are located, is being converted into a children's clinic. This is stated in a message published in

In Orenburg, The Children's Clinic Will Be Located In The Building Of The Administrative Building

The government of the Orenburg region decided to give the building of the city administration of the Industrial District for a children's clinic. Governor of the Orenburg region Denis Pasler wrote about this on his Instagram

The Work Of Children's Centers And Playrooms Was Allowed In The Orenburg Region

ORENBURG, January 25. / TASS /. Governor of the Orenburg Region Denis Pasler made changes to the decree on measures to counter the spread of a new coronavirus infection, allowing children to work

Orenburg Ministry Of Health Spoke About The Treatment Of Children With SMA

The Ministry of Health of the Orenburg Region told about the treatment of children with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The department noted that the region has successfully begun treatment of patients with

Orenburg Residents Over 65 Were Allowed To Interrupt The Self-isolation Regime To Go To Court Or The Police

The Governor of the Orenburg Region Denis Pasler on Wednesday, December 16, amended the decree on measures to counter coronavirus infection. The amendments affected the isolation regime for residents

Rotavirus Panic, A Deputy In A School Cafeteria, Money For Buses: The Main Thing For The Day

Rotavirus in kindergarten The morning began with a parental panic on social networks: allegedly, the children all fell ill with food poisoning in a kindergarten in Freckles (Right Bank). Later, the city administration

In The Kaluga Region Intend To Create An Early Career Guidance Center For Schoolchildren

The social project "Orbit of five technologies - an early career guidance center" for schoolchildren will be implemented on the basis of the largest enterprise in the region for the production of ingredients for the food industry

In The Kaluga Region, Officials Will Fulfill The New Year's Wishes Of Children

Kaluga Region is taking part in the Christmas tree of desires charity event. Kaluga officials will fulfill the wishes of the children. Children with disabilities, children from large families and

Kaluga Governor Met With A Child With Diabetes

In Kaluga on December 3, on the International Day of Disabled Persons, Governor Vladislav Shapsha took part in the project of the association for helping children "Safe Childhood" - "Take my hand", reported

Emotions Of Schoolchildren Were Entered Into The Database

All processes taking place in the Obninsk Lyceum "Derzhava", from leaks of taps in the toilet to the well-being of schoolchildren, are now under control. They are monitored by the predictive security system “For the most

Prosecutor General Instructed To Immediately Respond To Violations Of Children's Rights

MOSCOW, June 10 - RIA Novosti. The Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov instructed the prosecutors of the constituent entities to immediately respond to all facts of violations of children's rights, according to the website

Professor Chernigovskaya Explained How And Why To Teach Children Emotional Intelligence

And she named three factors for the survival of humanity. Tatiana Chernigovskaya, in an interview with Sofiko Shevardnadze, named three factors for the survival of mankind

Gifts For The Day Of Russia Were Handed Over To The Pupils Of The Fidget Orphanage In Balashikha

On June 10, representatives of the Public Chamber of Balashikha and the Young Guard of United Russia delivered sweet strawberries, apricots, balloons, coloring books to the Fidgets orphanage. Gifts will receive 63

Tatarstan Has Developed Security Measures For Children's Camps During A Pandemic

KAZAN, June 11. / TASS /. Security measures for employees of children's camps and minors vacationing in these institutions have been developed in Tatarstan against the backdrop of the spread of the pandemic

A Child Survived Near Kaluga, Having Fallen From The Fifth Floor

VORONEZH, June 11 - RIA Novosti. An eight-year-old boy survived in the Kaluga region, having fallen from the window of an apartment on the fifth floor, from where he tried to get out after he was closed alone by the one who had left

Emmanuel Vitorgan Spoke About The Love Of His Two-year-old Daughter For Books

And he showed a video about it. Famous actor Emmaniul Vitorgan is a happy husband and father. Now he is married to his beloved Irina Mlodik. Together they are raising two daughters

Russian Teacher Saved The Life Of A Drowning 12-year-old Boy

The teacher found the unconscious child in the water and performed intensive care. In the Kursk region on the Tuskar River, a tragedy with a child almost happened

Actor Maxim Schegolev Left His Wife With A "special" Child For His Mistress

Russian theater and film actor Maxim Shchegolev left the mother of his son, who has "mild autism." According to the artist, he fell in love with another woman

Charm, Not A Hairstyle: Kudryavtseva Captured A One-year-old Daughter In Scarlet Shorts And With A Ponytail

Lera Kudryavtseva does not hide that she always wanted to give her young husband a child. She recently celebrated 8 years of relationship with hockey player Igor Makarov

Volgograd Social Institutions Resumed Classes With Disabled Children

During self-isolation, social institutions in our region worked remotely. And today, the rehabilitation departments at social service centers have returned to their usual regime and again carry out

In Order For A Child To Open Up, He Must Be Carried Away

It is unlikely that a few years ago, Irina Valieva thought that her career would develop so rapidly

Spring Allergy: Causes And How To Deal With It

There are more and more people susceptible to this disease nowadays

Transgender Star Kaitlyn Jenner Became A Grandmother For The Eighth And Ninth Time

The son of Caitlyn Jenner (former athlete Bruce Jenner) and actress Linda Thompson (ex-girlfriend of Elvis Presley) Brandon Jenner became a father again

Kylie Jenner's Father Let It Slip About Her Second Pregnancy

Young mother Kylie Jenner gave birth to her daughter Stormy a little less than two years ago. At that time she was only 20 years old

Permyakov Invited To A Charity Yoga Marathon

On December 24, six yoga studios in Perm and the "Dedmorozim" foundation will hold a yoga marathon "Breathe" in favor of children who need oxygen support

Razvozhaev Said That The Creation Of A Medical Cluster Will Raise The Medicine Of Sevastopol To A New Level

SEVASTOPOL, December 18. / TASS /. The emergence of a medical cluster, within which several hospitals will be built and medical education will be developed, will allow the system

On The Variety Of Ways In The Struggle For Children

Abduction of children by parents has long become the norm in our country

They Decided Not To Deprive Their Son Plushenko Of His Childhood

They decided not to deprive Plushenko's son of his childhood Seven-year-old son of Yana Rudkovskaya Sasha went to first grade. This is, oddly enough, many fans have been waiting for

Nobel Laureates: Carlton Gaidushek

About how cannibalism led a failed entomologist and biophysicist to the Nobel Prize, that even a misunderstanding of the nature of infection can turn into a Stockholm triumph, and where