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Svetlana Permyakova Was Published With Her Former Lover And Daughter

They went to the movies together. Famous actress and KVN star Svetlana Permyakova is a happy mother of an eight-year-old daughter

The Star Of The "Interns" Told How, Saving Her Son, She Got Into A Sect

As a result, she kicked her son Nikolai out of the house when he was only 14 years old. The son of 43-year-old Yulia Nazarenko ("Interns", "Capercaillie", "Truckers") made a shocking confession some time ago

Svetlana Permyakova Walked With Her Daughter In The Center Of Moscow

The girl charmed the fans. The famous actress, star of the Parma KVN team, radio host Svetlana Permyakova is raising her only daughter. On July 21, Varvara turned 8 years old

Svetlana Permyakova Showed Her Grown Daughter

The girl loves to be creative. The famous actress, star of the Parma KVN team, radio host Svetlana Permyakova is raising her only daughter. On July 21, Varvara will be 8 years old. Girl

Star Moms Who Gave Birth To Their First Child After 40

Svetlana Permyakova At the age of 39, the actress realized that it was time to have a child, and a reliable man was not around. Therefore, Svetlana decided to ask her director Maxim Scriabin to give her

Svetlana Permyakova Spoke About The Hobbies Of Her First-grader Daughter

And about the success of the child in school. The daughter of the famous actress and KVN star Svetlana Permyakova is already seven years old. This year Varvara went to first grade

Evgeny Tsyganov Shared The Secrets Of Raising Children

38-year-old actor, star father with many children Evgeny Tsyganov rarely comments on his personal life and tries to bypass the questions of media representatives related to his children

Moscow Polyclinics Will Change The Work Schedule During The New Year Holidays

During the New Year holidays, the work schedule of Moscow polyclinics will change, the press service of the capital's health department reported. "During the New Year holidays, the capital's clinics will switch to the schedule

Shoigu Instructed To Control The Allocation Of Places In Kindergartens For Military Children

MOSCOW, December 26. / TASS /. Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu instructed commanders of districts, fleets and commanders of all levels to take personal control of the allocation of places for children

Muscovites Can Make An Appointment With A Doctor Through The Updated Service On The Portal

The Appointment to a Doctor service has been modernized on the portal, after which it has three new functions, including scheduling a visit to a polyclinic with a note in the calendar, according to

A New Year's Concert Was Held At The Konkovo FMC

A holiday for families with children took place at the Konkovo FMC on Miklukho-Maklaya, 20. The guys studying in the studios of the center gave bright emotions to all those present with their performances and charged

A New Kindergarten Has Opened In The Garrison Of The Northern Fleet Marine Corps - Sputnik

The modern kindergarten will be able to accommodate 140 children. The three-story building will house groups for toddlers and preschool children, equipped with furniture, toys and appliances

Investigators Check The Emergency With An Ice Floe Falling On A Child On A Slide In Satka

Investigators have begun an investigation into the fall of an ice block on an 11-year-old boy in Satka, according to the press service of the Chelyabinsk Region Investigative Committee. The incident occurred on December 21

The Possible Cause Of The Poisoning Of Children In The Camp In The Leningrad Region Has Become Known

S.-PETERSBURG, 6 July - RIA Novosti. The cause of the mass poisoning in the Serebryany Ruchey children's health camp in the Leningrad region could be the causative agent of norovirus, according to the regional

Kuznetsova: Children's Letters And Drawings Will Be Handed Over To The Russian Military In Syria

KALUGA, May 4. / TASS /. Anna Kuznetsova, Commissioner for the Rights of the Child under the President of the Russian Federation, said that some of the children's letters and drawings received at the Letter to a Soldier festival will be sent to Russian

Anna Sedokova Shared The Good News About Reuniting With Children

The singer hinted about this on her Instagram page. A popular singer, ex-soloist of the group "VIA Gra" Anna Sedokova posted a video on the social network in which her son Hector pronounces the word "mother"

The Number Of Circles And Sections Will Increase In Vorontsovsky Park As Part Of The "Moscow Shift"

The number of clubs and sections organized within the framework of the Moscow Smena project will increase in the Vorontsovo Estate Park. This was reported to the Moscow City News Agency by the art

Svetlana Nazarenko "City 312" Personal Life And What Her Ex-husband And Adult Daughter Look Like

Surely many have heard the hits "Stay", "213 Roads", "Out of the Access Zone" performed by the popular group "City 312", and everyone knows its soloist under the creative pseudonym "Aya"

Maria Kozhevnikova, Timur Rodriguez, Eva Polna And Other Stars Were Published With Children

Last weekend, many celebrities with children attended the premiere of the New Year's show "Transformers. The mystery of the staff of Santa Claus ", which took place in the most unusual museum of the capital - the Museum

In Yekaterinburg, A Schoolboy Fell Ill With Measles After Two Vaccinations

The Investigative Committee organized a pre-investigation check on the fact of forged data in the medical record of a Yekaterinburg student

43,000 Applications For Preferential Vouchers Were Submitted By Muscovites In Three Weeks Of The Application Campaign

On November 2, an application campaign was launched in Moscow to receive vouchers for preferential children's holidays in the summer of 2018

The Condition Of Adolescents Poisoned With Psychotropic Substances In Adygea Has Improved

MIKOP, November 24. / TASS /. The state of health of two students of the school of the capital of Adygea, who the day before were in the intensive care unit of the republican children's clinical hospital with severe poisoning

The State Duma Adopted A Law On The Payment Of Maternity Capital To Single Fathers In Crimea

MOSCOW, November 24. / TASS /. The State Duma adopted on Friday in the third, final, reading of the government bill on changes in the procedure for granting the right to maternity capital to citizens

Sukhankina: The Secrets Of Raising Children

"If you think that the children of stars are initially given some privileges or they live easier than the most ordinary boys and girls, you are wrong."

Expert: Moscow Schoolchildren In Grades 6-11 Will Easily Adapt To Distance Learning

Moscow schoolchildren in grades 6-11 who switched to distance learning will easily adapt to it, since the students were ready for such a situation, and from the moment they return to school

Photo Exhibition Of Large Families Opened In Izmailovsky Park

On September 6, a photo exhibition was opened in Izmailovsky Park, organized by the Regional Public Organization "Association of Large Families of the City of Moscow" and the Fund for Supporting Children in

Natalia Karpovich: Large Families Receive Comprehensive Support From The City

About 1.5 million families live in Moscow, bringing up more than 2.1 million children. 11 percent of them have many children - more than 160 thousand families

Stroller Fitness Helps Moms Get Back In Shape

Free fitness classes with wheelchairs have begun in Levoberezhny Park, women train without leaving their children. The correspondent of "Vechernyaya Moskvy" also took up sports with them

Forbidden Fruit: What Kills Our Children

The joint commission of WHO, the United Nations Children's Fund and the medical journal The Lancet came to the conclusion that there are no countries in the world that could ensure a safe childhood

Muscovite Is Recognized As The Most Fashionable Dad In Russia

On Saturday, June 20, the final of the All-Russian family festival "Daddy's Day - 2020" was held online

Muscovites Will Be Told About Women's Health, Motherhood And Career Until The End Of November

Until the end of November 2019, Moscow residents will be able to attend free lectures, master classes and excursions dedicated to Mother's Day, where specialists will tell you how to go through the stages of pregnancy, save

The Stars Who Brought Adopted Children Back To The Orphanage

Evdokia Germanova Evdokia many years ago adopted a boy named Kolya from an ordinary state orphanage. Everything was amazing. They filmed programs about Evdokia and her son, admired the act of the actress

Experts Have Proposed Measures To Increase The Birth Rate In Russia

In Bashkiria, they thought about introducing a tax on childlessness. "Evening Moscow" asked experts whether such a measure would help increase the birth rate and what other ways could be tried to solve

The Adopted Son Tried To Strangle Our Youngest Child: Mother Of Many Children Natalya Karpovich Spoke About Family Dramas And Blows Of Fate

Natalya Karpovich, a 46-year-old Russian athlete, public figure and mother of six children, has become a guest of Boris Korchevnikov's program "The Fate of a Man" on the Russia 1 TV channel. In a studio

Healthy Children And A Happy Family: What Events Have Been Prepared For Muscovites For Mother's Day

How to properly go through the stages of pregnancy, maintain your health and take care of the baby's health, combine motherhood and career - Muscovites will learn about this and much more at lectures

Life Is Like A Ring: Natalia Karpovich Told How She Reflected The Blows Of Fate

Mother of six children, boxer, State Duma deputy Natalya Karpovich in "The Fate of a Man" talks about the blows her life has inflicted on her

The Authorities Have Strict Requirements For The Camps

About a hundred organizations for recreation and recreation of children work in the Moscow region, 38 of them take part in the program of the Moscow government

In The Stavropol Territory, Police And Social Activists Held A Thematic Meeting With Children In A School Camp

Police officers, representatives of the Public Council at the district department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Youth Center of the city district administration held a patriotic

Folk Calendar. What Profession Is Best Suited For Those Born On December 14

On this Monday, December 14, Orthodox Christians venerate one of the 12 minor prophets - Saint Nahum, the people called him the Literate, because he was considered the patron saint of the disciples. The one who

Evelina Bledans Asked Subscribers Whether To Get Her Special Son Vaccinated Against Influenza And Coronavirus

Star mom is afraid to let her child go to school. The famous theater and film actress, TV presenter Evelina Bledans is raising a special son. Semyon is 8 years old. The boy goes to school in the 2nd grade