Parenting 2023, December

Mom, Dad, We Are. A Large Family From ZAO Talks About Hobbies, Studies And Leisure

An amazing family lives in Novo-Peredelkino: mom, dad and five children. Each of them has their own passions, activities, hobbies. Love and respect for each other unite this family

The Head Of Anapa Presented Awards On The Day Of Family, Love And Fidelity

In the City Theater on the occasion of the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, the event "Family is a Treasure" was held. This was reported by the press service of the administration of the resort city of Anapa

Guardians Of Family Values were Celebrated In Anapa

Guardians of family values were celebrated in Anapa Today, in the red hall of the City Theater, a celebration took place in honor of the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity

PR Man Of Disgraced Ex-schema-abbot Sergius Arrested

The official representative of the arrested Nikolai Romanov (ex-schema-abbot Sergius) ended up behind bars. Inhabitants of the Sredneuralsky monastery stated that before the trial of Vsevolod Moguchev, allegedly

Ex-Schema Monk Sergius Accused Of Persuading Children To Commit Suicide

Former Schema-monk Sergius (Nikolai Romanov) was charged with persuading children to commit suicide. On December 29, Romanov will be taken to Moscow to choose a preventive measure

In Germany, A Mother With Many Children Was Charged With The Murder Of Five Of Her Own Children

In Germany, the mother was accused of killing five of her own children, the crime took place in September 2020 in the German city of Solingen. Police found the bodies of five children on September 3 in one of the

A Child With An Unchildish Destiny. A Girl With Diabetes Needs Help

< p class = "MsoNormal" style = "text-align: center;" > < b > < font face = "Georgia" > < font size = "5" > A child with a childish destiny. A girl with diabetes needs

A Child With An Unchildish Destiny

The happy parents fulfilled their cherished desire, because after the birth of their son, they really wanted a daughter as well. Suddenly, the baby fell ill. At one year and eleven months, doctors diagnosed

Action "Attention-children!" Started In The Region

Traditionally, it takes place on the eve of the new academic year. The action "Attention, children!" Has started in the Omsk region of the region. It aims to draw public attention to the problem of child injuries

Elena Vyalbe: It Seems To Me That There Is Some Mistake In My Documents. I'm Not 50, Exactly

Three-time Olympic champion in the relay (1992, 1994, 1998), 14-time world champion (1989, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997), five-time overall winner of the World Cup (1989, 1991, 1992

Fought Off By A Passer-by: A Flock Of Dogs In Pechora Tore A 4-year-old Girl In The Yard

A flock of stray dogs attacked a four-year-old girl in the city of Pechora, Komi Republic. The baby went from mom to aunt, who lives in the next house. In the courtyard she was surrounded by aggressive dogs and

Top 10 Children's Books From Contemporary Authors

What does your child like more: fairy tales or stories about animals, fantasy or poetry? Now that many are at home, reading books can be given more attention

Hostages Of Good: The Poignant Story Of A Mother Raising 5 Adoptive Daughters

Irina Fedina's life was divided into two parts: before and after the death of her own daughter

The Directors Of The Capital's Children's Libraries Spoke About The Novelties Of Books For Children

Moscow, April 15. The directors of the children's libraries in the capital, subordinate to the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow, spoke about the book novelties this spring, which are worth buying for kids and

In 2018, LSR Group Built Three Kindergartens At Its Facilities

Three modern kindergartens, designed for a total of 500 kids, were built by LSR Group on the territory of St. Petersburg residential complexes in the Moscow and Nevsky districts

Special Children, Together With Ordinary Schoolchildren, Rested In The Camp

An inclusive session took place at the Volna children's health camp. For 20 days, pupils of the "Development" center - children with disabilities, together with ordinary schoolchildren participated

PSN Group Has Designed A Three-story Kindergarten In The Residential Complex "Grinada"

MOSCOW, 14 Mar - RIA Real Estate. PSN Group has completed the design of a three-story kindergarten in the residential complex "Grinada", according to a press release from the developer

Please Save My Child: Petya Braslavsky And Paul Prozorov

Every day, the Russian Relief Fund (Rusfond) receives dozens of letters from parents with the only request: "Save my child!" These are the parents of children in dire need of treatment, but they cannot

Savings Tools: Discount Cards, Loyalty Cards, Cashback

Is it possible, having issued a card in a home goods store, significantly save on buying furnishings, and under what conditions

Raiffeisenbank Assessed The Spending Of Russians On Additional Education For Children

Raiffeisenbank experts found out who takes the child to school, and also assessed the spending of Russians on additional activities for children. “Taking a child to school is a predominantly female responsibility

We Will Help Children. Like A Butterfly

Eight-year-old Khadija Yakhyaeva from Makhachkala is a real butterfly: her skin is so thin and vulnerable that any touch leaves wounds. Khadija has epidermolysis bullosa

Raiffeisenbank Has Analyzed The Dynamics Of Spending Of Small Holders Of Bank Cards

Raiffeisenbank analyzed the spending of the youngest customers, holders of children's debit cards between the ages of six and 17, and found out which categories of expenses prevailed among children in the summer of 2019

Poll: 35% Of Families Are Ready To Take Out A Loan To Study A Child Abroad

In Russia, more than a third of parents (35%) who have school-age children are ready to take out a loan to educate their child abroad, according to a study by Raiffeisenbank

"This Topic Scared Me At First." Ekaterina Lezova Helps Children With Disabilities To Believe In Themselves

At a certain moment I had a need to help disabled children and their parents

20 Important Parenting Quotes To Share

Do not offend children with ready-made formulas, formulas are emptiness; enrich them with images and paintings that show the connecting threads

We Aim To Teach A Child To Work: How A School For Gifted Children Is Organized In Makhachkala

Murada Kazhlaeva has a unique focus. Its main task is to identify and strengthen the talents of students. Many children entered it, but only a few graduated

State Traffic Inspectorate Urges To Control Schoolchildren Studying Remotely

MOSCOW, March 19. / TASS /. The State Traffic Inspectorate calls on parents to strengthen control over the safety of children who, due to the threat of coronavirus, switched to distance learning. This was reported to TASS in

Tatyana Navka Showed How Her 5-year-old Daughter Is Learning French Remotely

The athlete is sure that quarantine is not a reason to stop training. Famous athlete, Olympic champion Tatyana Navka and press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov are raising a common daughter

Russian Businessman Is Going To Support A Boy With Buckwheat Ingrown Into His Knees

An entrepreneur from Surgut was going to support the foster family of a boy from Omsk, whose parents put their knees on buckwheat. A man is ready to help a child until he comes of age, reports

5-year-old Daughter Of Tatiana Navka Read New Year's Poem In English

The girl pleases her parents with her successes. Famous athlete, Olympic champion Tatyana Navka and press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov are raising a common daughter Nadezhda

K. Mishonova: All Attempts To Normalize Relations Between Mother And Daughter From Balashikha Have Not Brought Results

The Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Moscow Region, Ksenia Mishonova, announced that a preliminary hearing will take place today on the deprivation of parental rights of the mother of a girl from Balashikha

Maria Mironova Admitted That She Was Convicted Of Having A Child At 46 Years Old

The star tried not to pay attention to it. The famous actress Maria Mironova recently became a mother for the second time. The star gave birth to a boy whom she named Theodore

The Lawsuit In The Case Of The Girl Living In The Perinatal Center Will Be Considered In January

Presnensky court of Moscow accepted the claim of social protection for proceedings

Vladimir Presnyakov Provoked Rumors About The Pregnancy Of Natalia Podolskaya

He showed a photo of his pregnant wife. Famous performer Vladimir Presnyakov and singer Natalya Podolskaya have been legally married for more than nine years. The couple are raising their four-year-old son Artemy

The Second Wellness Session Has Begun In The Country Camp Of The Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant

The second health improvement session opened in the children's suburban health camp "Lesnaya Zastava" of the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, which is part of the holding of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical

Children In Revda, Owned By UMMC, Got Sick En Masse

In the Forest Zhemchuzhina camp, which is located in Revda, 19 children contracted rotavirus infection. All are pupils of the "Golden Section" center and were in the GOK on vacation during

Employees Of Krasnoyarsk RUSAL And Their Children Will Rest In The Summer On Preferential Terms

Hundreds of RUSAL workers at the Krasnoyarsk industrial site and their family members will have a summer vacation on preferential terms

The Corporate Sector Is Looking For A New Format Of Recreation For The Children Of Its Employees

For most Russian families, summer is a period of considerable trouble: parents are haunted by questions about how to prevent their offspring from being left to themselves

Dzhigan's Wife Developed An Allergy Before Childbirth

Three weeks ago, rapper Djigan flew to Miami with his pregnant wife and three children. It is there that his fourth child will be born

I Can't Watch Without Inner Sobs: Peskov Regretted The 5-year-old Daughter Who Trains On The Ice Every Day

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov compared the schedule of his five-year-old daughter Nadia with his own