Parents 2023, January

Russian Teacher Advised The Child To Blow On A Broken Arm

In a children's camp in Perm, an eight-year-old girl, while riding a slide, broke her arm

School Number 1409 In The SAO Held A Charity "Fair Of Good"

“The most touching thing is when children help children who find themselves in a difficult life situation

Moving By The Rules Will Save Life

Despite her young age, the second grader, 9-year-old Alexandra Mineeva, is an experienced road user

An Information Security Evening Was Held At School No. 1409 In The CAO

Kaspersky Lab specialists held a conference “Adults and children in the digital world: when online meets offline” on the basis of the Khoroshevsky district school for parents and teachers from all over

School Is Very Bad: The Psychologist Spoke About The Attitude Towards The Form And Upbringing Of Children

A lyceum teacher in Volgodonsk cut off a lock of her student's hair because of a sloppy hairstyle. Parents, dissatisfied with the teacher's pedagogical methods, decided to send a collective appeal to

Parents Whose Children Buy Alcohol Can Be Fined. How Do You Like It?

"Evening Moscow" continues its daily column "Question of the Day". We ask topical questions to show business stars, civil servants and ordinary Muscovites who express their attitude to those

Kindergarten For Princes And Princesses Opened

On September 12, a kindergarten at school number 1409 was opened. The main theme of the interior design of the institution was the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery "The Little Prince"

Checks In The Yards. Children's Playgrounds Are Awaiting Revision

A month of safety has begun in Moscow - the state of playgrounds is being checked by municipal deputies together with young parliamentarians. This was reported by the deputy of the Moscow City Duma Irina Ilyicheva

Lawyer Verbitskaya Told How The Inheritance Of Vitorgan Will Be Divided In The Future

Lawyer Yulia Verbitskaya told how the inheritance of the actor Emmanuel Vitorgan will be divided in the future. This December he will be 80 years old

There Are Not Enough Places In Kindergartens In Saratov

In the Saratov region, only in half of the districts, children under 3 years old have the opportunity to attend preschool institutions

Dagestan Authorities Reported On The Results Of Studies In Connection With The Mass Poisoning Of Children

MAKHACHKALA, October 15, / TASS /. The results of studies after mass poisoning in Dagestan revealed a combination of dysentery and rotavirus in previously hospitalized children. This is reported in

A New Milk Distribution Point Opened In The Settlement Of Sosenskoye

A new milk distribution point has been opened in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, according to the official website of the mayor of Moscow. "In the settlement of Sosenskoye, on October 15, a new milk distribution point was opened

Mom Was Expecting A Third Daughter, And A Son Was Born - And It Turned Out An Amazing Photo

Spouses Nancy and Will Ray were sure that they were expecting a daughter. Moreover, during a routine examination at the 18th week of pregnancy, an ultrasound scan confirmed the sex of the child

Brad Pitt Gave Up His Personal Life For The Sake Of Fatherhood

Despite being very busy (he stars in Quentin Tarantino's film with Leo DiCaprio), Brad Pitt tries to pay as much attention to his children as possible

Jolie Reacted Strangely To Aniston's Pregnancy

Actress Angelina Jolie devotes all her time to children. Rumor has it that in this way the Hollywood diva is trying to switch from oppressive thoughts

Finish Off Jolie: Pitt Is Expecting A Child From An Architect

Relatives of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt assure that the artist is serious and ready to become a father again

London Court Decided To Transfer Terminally Ill Charlie Gard To Hospice

LONDON, July 27 - RIA Novosti. The London High Court has ordered the transfer of terminally ill 11-month-old boy Charlie Gard from Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to a hospice where he

Kim Kardashian Is Expecting Her Third Baby

Kim Kardashian is a purposeful girl. She wants a big family and is actively working to make her dreams come true. The star prepares for the appearance of the third heir

Rospotrebnadzor Found Violations In 519 Samara Camps

As noted in the department, in the first shift in the camps and sanatoriums about 61.1 thousand children rested, including in school day camps, there were more than 680

In Moscow, Surgeons Separated Newborn Twins, Fused Heads

MOSCOW, July 27 - RIA Novosti. In the Moscow region, newborn twins were divided, fused with their heads, the operation took only half an hour and the children feel great, one of the

Julia Proskuryakova Gained 25 Kilograms

The popular singer, the wife of Igor Nikolaev, Yulia Proskuryakova, gave a frank interview. She admitted that she gained 25 kilograms

Press Center AiF-Samara: Why Do Children Spin Spinners

This toy has already taken over the whole world. Some call spinners an anti-stress toy, others a zombie toy that hypnotizes children. They are compared to beads and expanders

Is Being A Good Father To Be A Laughingstock?

"And what, the wife did not sit with the child, is she one of these, creative?" The man was laughed at during the interview because of the maternity leave. Facebook user Catherine Arnault told about this case

Solnechnaya Alley Appeared In Ufa From Children With Disabilities

Garbage was removed at the site near the Nur theater and 50 cedars were planted. These trees need special care, so the guys promised to monitor the condition of their seedlings

Just Call Me - No Numbers And Commas

The loudest case with a strange name for a child happened in 2002

Yarovaya Considers Organizers Of "death Groups" On The Internet More Dangerous Than Chikatilo

State Duma Deputy Irina Yarovaya considers instigators of suicide of children in the so-called "death groups" on the Internet more dangerous than the most bloodthirsty serial maniacs

Guardians From Kemerovo Region Accused Of Murdering Adopted Children

In the Kemerovo region, a spouse accused of murdering adopted children was taken into custody. This was reported on Monday, April 17, on the website of the regional department of the Investigative Committee

Modern Children Dream Of Space, Stars And Walks On Mars

On the eve of the Cosmonautics Day, we came to the secondary school of Barnaul "Friona". This is not an ordinary school: the classes here are small, only 12 people

Moscow May Introduce Compensation For Refusal To Provide A Place For A Child In Kindergarten

In the public advisory council of political parties under the Moscow City Duma, they come up with an initiative to assign compensation payments to citizens living in Moscow both permanently and temporarily, if

Schoolchildren Painted Easter Eggs In Support Of Deaf-blind Children

On Monday, April 17, on Tverskoy Boulevard, within the framework of the Easter Gift festival, a charity event was held to paint Easter eggs

Who Will Help Collect The Child By September 1?

“The youngest child is going to first grade this year. In addition to him, there are two more older children in the family, and everyone also needs to be sent to school

What Do Residents Of Tyumen And, In General, Russians Call Their Children?

What are the rarest names of newborn Tyumen residents? The strangest names in Russia as a whole? The most scandalous stories associated with the name of the child?

Students' Safety Issues Are Addressed In A Comprehensive Manner

Security in Moscow schools, ways of resolving conflicts and the necessary preventive measures - experts spoke about this on January 22 on the air of the network broadcasting "VM"

Unfulfilled Ambitions Of Parents. Psychologists On How To Choose A Section For A Child

In which section to send the preschooler, they will tell today at 19:15 at the online training of the expert advisory council of the parental community at the Department of Education

Private Santa Clauses Complained About The Lack Of Orders

Private Santa Clauses complained about the lack of orders for Christmas trees in kindergartens and schools, the Moscow 24 TV channel reports. The head of the New Year's project, Maria Aksiyanova, said that over the past

Psychologists' Offices In Schools Have Been Proposed To Be Turned Into A Place Where You Can Be Silent

Boris Chernyshov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science, proposed to change the work of psychologist's offices in schools

Deputy Chernyshov Responded To The Accusations Of Irina Volynets About School Uniforms

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science on the air of NSN called on Irina Volynets not to support branded manufacturers of school uniforms

The Prosecutor General's Office Urged To Check The Officials Of The Ministry Of Health After The Death Of A 6-year-old Girl From Voronezh

State Duma Deputy Boris Chernyshov believes that guilty officials should be tried for premeditated murder

Expert: Quarantine - Time For Child Development Through Play And Competition

Quarantine and self-isolation have created suitable conditions for our parents to have time to solve the postponed tasks for the development of the child, and it is important to remember that learning will be much more

Rostelecom Reminded About The Safety Of Children On The Internet In Irkutsk

Rostelecom reminded about the importance of safe behavior of a child on the Internet at the Small Champion competition in Irkutsk, and also awarded the winners with gifts