Relationships 2023, December

Jessica Alba Showed Fans A Two-month-old Son

36-year-old American actress Jessica Alba, known to the general public, including thanks to the role of Sue Storm in the film adaptation of the Fantastic Four comic, not so long ago became a mother in the third

Jessica Alba Sent Her Daughters To School In Shorts And Socks

American actress Jessica Alba, together with her husband, film producer Cash Warren, brings up two wonderful children, and is already pregnant with a third

Sobyanin Presented Awards To Laureates Of The "Stork Wings" Award

Watching cartoons in the Spesivtsev family resembles a movie theater session. There are too many spectators in the room. As Pavel and Victoria themselves say, 11 babies and three teenagers

How To Forgive Parents

Olga Samoilova, psychologist I am often told something like the following: “Mom didn’t like me, didn’t pat me on the head, didn’t praise me, I envied my classmates who hugged their mothers”, “Mom constantly

5 Signs Of Toxic Parents That Can Ruin Your Child's Life

Olga Samoilova, psychologist “Mom has always climbed into my life,” says 20-year-old Rita, wiping away her tears. - Once I came back from school and did not find my paper dolls with clothes

Mosgortur Got The Management Of A Children's Health Camp In Crimea

GAUK "Mosgortur" received the management of the children's health camp "Pribrezhny" in Crimea, the press service of the institution reported

In Borodina's Children's Club, A Child Was Seriously Injured After Falling Off A Bungee

Ksenia Borodina is not only the TV presenter of the scandalous "Dom-2", but also a business woman. Under her leadership, among others, is the TeikaBoom chain of family restaurants and children's amusement parks. AT

One Of The Sisters Thrown Out Of The Window By Her Mother Has Been Discharged. A Woman Can Be Arrested

Today, October 27, during a daily briefing, Deputy Minister of Health of the region Denis Graifer commented to the Svobodnye Novosti news agency on the state of health of two girls thrown out

The Human Brain Perceives Letters And Words From Birth

Children today learn to read and write relatively quickly. It turned out that in this they are helped by a special area of the brain, which is already "trained" from birth to perceive words and letters

Kids In A Sports Cage

Not so long ago, the Ekaterinburg figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya announced the end of her sports career

Hands Outstretched. Doubtful "Madonnas And Babies" Flooded Nizhny Novgorod

Beggars often pump children with sleeping pills, drugs or alcohol so that they are silent and do not interfere with their work. Nizhny Novgorod flooded with dubious "Madonnas and babies"

Thanks For The Doll! Stepan Menshchikov's Wife Gave Birth To A Daughter

About a month ago, Stepan Menshchikov and Angelina Monk became husband and wife, but the celebration was postponed to September, because the bride was eight months pregnant

Pugacheva's Daughter Kissed Her Mother's Hand After Eating

Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev told the public how he once visited the house of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

The Man Recreated An Old Photograph Of His Father And Surprised Everyone With One Detail

Reddit user DasMech recreates an old photo of his father holding a newborn baby with his son

Ecclestone Wants To Give Son More Attention Than Daughters

This year, two notable events will take place in the life of Bernie Ecclestone, ex-head of management, and in fact the former owner of Formula 1: in October he will turn 90, but perhaps even more important

And Yet He Survived: What Happens If You Leave A Child To A Couple Of Designers

A married couple from Zurich left their six-month-old baby to the family of their design friends, Erich and Hannes, for a day. After listening to detailed instructions from the baby's father, the spouses realized how much

The Benefits Of Musical Education And Little Tricks

Have you ever studied music? Did you go to music school classes? Yes? Then you will understand me all the more. The director of the ninth Tbilisi music school, Ilya Kharabadze, was a kind mentor and

The Little Owner Of The Lost Toy Was Found Via Facebook

Once, a 4-year-old boy John forgot in the toilet of a cafe his favorite toy Pup-Pup, which he always and everywhere carried with him and which had been with him since birth

What Does The Eldest Daughter Of Singer Eros Ramazzotti Look Like?

As you know, the first time a famous Italian was married to the Swedish model Michelle Hunziker. She gave birth to a daughter, Aurora, who is now 24 years old

Mezen: An Official Who Stepped Into The Fire After The Children She Wards

In January 2021, Anastasia Malinina, deputy chairman of the commission on juvenile affairs of the Mezensky district, rescued children from a family registered with her commission from fire. Anastasia

10 Things Mothers Of Children Are Silent About On IW

Their relatives and friends condemn them. In general, those from whom you primarily expect protection and support

The Joy Of A Special Life

It all started with the fact that a special child was born in our family. When Alexey was 13 years old, the transitional age began, and he began to degrade

The Head Of The NAO Awarded A Teenager Who Saved A Drowning Child

MURMANSK, 18 July - RIA Novosti. Acting Governor of the Nenets District Yuri Bezdudny presented a laptop and a letter to 16-year-old teenager Danila Morozkin, who saved the drowning boy, said

Irina Slutskaya Told How She Became A Mother Three Times, Contrary To The Forecasts Of Doctors

Two-time Olympic medalist, two-time world figure skating champion Irina Slutskaya told how she became a mother of three children, despite the doctors' predictions

The Daughter Played A Prank On Her Mother, Asking To "cover" Her In Front Of The Police

The woman readily complied with everything that her child asked. An unexpected joke played by a resident of the UK Kelly Harvey with her 51-year-old mother is being discussed on social networks

The Prosecutor's Office Of Primorye Found Violations In The Zoo, Where The Leopard Attacked The Child

VLADIVOSTOK, January 12. / TASS /. The prosecutor's office of the Primorsky Territory found that the security measures taken at the zoo, where the leopard attacked the child, did not meet the requirements of the law

Oksana Samoilova Spoke About The Difficulties Of Raising A 3-year-old Daughter

The girl shows character. The 32-year-old wife of rapper Djigan is raising four children with her husband: three daughters and a son. Oksana devotes all her free time to children

10 Celebrity Moms Who Made A Caesarean Of Their Own Accord

Victoria Beckham One of the most popular jokes about the former "peppercorn" - "She's too chic to push."

Igor Nikolaev Took His Five-year-old Daughter For A Walk In A Creamy Down Jacket And Snow-white Boots

Igor Nikolaev has been happily married to Yulia Proskuryakova for 10 years. The couple's daughter Veronica is growing up. The girl celebrated her fifth birthday in September. The family arranged a holiday for the baby. Visit them

Delegation Led By Poklonskaya Donated Aid To Syrian Children

DAMASK, May 21 - RIA Novosti. The delegation headed by the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Natalya Poklonskaya distributed on Tuesday aid to the pupils of the school in the Damascus suburb of Daraye, RIA Novosti correspondent reports

What Is A Children's Camp Worth Paying For? 4 Tips From The Expert "AiF-Ural"

In the summer, you can finally relax. To children from school, and to parents from children. A good compromise is the city camp. Besides parental comfort, it's a great way to expand your circle

"A Blue Skirt, A Ribbon In A Braid" - Stars Who Dress Sons In Women's Clothing

Someone will say that the world has gone crazy, but someone will object that they express themselves in this way. They are the sons of famous actresses: boys sporting women's clothing

Krasnoyarsk Residents Were Reminded That Vouchers Issued To Kindergartens May "burn Out"

The Main Department of Education warns Krasnoyarsk parents that vouchers issued to kindergartens may "burn out". The referral to parents must be picked up by September 1, otherwise it

Meningitis Was Confirmed In Four Out Of Nine Children Hospitalized From A Camp In The Urals

CHELYABINSK, July 12. / TASS /. The diagnosis of meningitis of enteroviral etiology was confirmed in four children taken to the hospital from the Olympiets sports and recreation camp in the Chelyabinsk region

What If The Child Is Afraid Of Insects? 3 Important Steps From Horror To Curiosity

Few people love insects (even Pushkin did not particularly like them). At best, all these creeping and flying creatures arouse research interest in children, at worst - violent hysteria and

Google Dedicated Its Homepage To Polio Scientist Jean McNamara

Today, April 1, marks 121 years since the birth of Jean McNamara, an Australian physician and scientist who has dedicated her professional life to polio research

Why Is Chickenpox Vaccine Needed? Explains Sergey Butriy

Recently, a post appeared on the Telegram channel of the famous Moscow pediatrician Sergei Butria, in which the doctor once again reminded of the importance and necessity of being vaccinated not only against the "terrible"

Take Your Boy Away! Why Society Is Not Tolerant Enough To Children

On the one hand, the state actively encourages us to give birth to children, on the other hand, in public places, little "screaming assholes" are not welcome, and even more so, nursing mothers

In A New Video, Santa Claus Decides To No Longer Divide Children Into "good" And "bad" - And Here's Why

As you know, the Christmas wizard Santa Claus brings gifts not to everyone, but only to those who "behaved well"

A Video Appeared On The Network In Which Santa Claus Decides To No Longer Divide Children Into "good" And "bad" - And Here's Why

As you know, the Christmas wizard Santa Claus brings gifts not to everyone, but only to those who "behaved well"